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    Slave Deep Throat Training

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    Purrfect Deepthroat - Slave Deep Throat Training

    Clip Description

    Master trains me for slavehood! Many people have asked how I was trained as a deep throat slave. Now you can watch for yourself in the 36 minute video!

    i stand before master, naked and blindfolded, while he lays his expectations down. “Yes, sir” I willingly answer to his instructions. Then it’s time for deep throat training with my big red dildo! I kneel and show master how much dildo I can swallow, then he takes it and ****** it down my throat. I gag & struggle as he holds it down, timing me to see how long I can hold it.

    master is impressed with my dildo technique so it’s time to practice with flesh. Still kneeling, he gives me an awesome face fucking, making sure to work and use my throat.

    i give him noisy, sloppy, deepthroat to prove my worth and even rim him. When he is ready to cum, he orders me to talk while I throat him. He loves the vibrations as I slurp, slobber, and mumble all the way through his intense orgasm.

    “thank you, sir”, I say, and he tells me that is the perfect response. I’m so happy to be a good slave!

    Clip Duration:      37 minutes
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    wmv656.63 MB

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    Purrfect Deepthroat - Slave Deep Throat Training

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Slave Deep Throat Training

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Slave Deep Throat Training

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Slave Deep Throat Training

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Slave Deep Throat Training

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Slave Deep Throat Training

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    Facefucking Purrfect  Noisy Deepthroat Slave - I am such a suck slave! This video proves once and for all why master would claim me as his cocksucking slave. I totally worship his big, meaty cock!

master likes it noisy, sloppy and deep. He grabs me by the back of my head and pushes me down on his cock to test his training. I am determined to do my best to show him what a good slave I can be. I give him noisy, slurpy deepthroat until i’m drooling, then I keep going. He grabs my head and face fucks me, holding me down so I can’t breath! That brings up thick, ropy spit which I drool all over his cock, lubricating it so it slides down my throat when he ****** my head down.

it drips down my chin and soaks his balls, then drips slowly onto my tits. The drool sways back and forth as he fucks my face hard. Master keeps holding my head all the down on his long prong until I am out of breath and panting like a dog! I love it all and when he stops face fucking me, I eagerly impale my own mouth on him, forcing my face into his pubes.

master sits down to receive more cock worship while I kneel before him. He tells me how good I look sucking his dick and what a good job I am doing. That makes me a happy cock-slave! Then it’s back to swallowing man-sausage, on my knees where I belong as I suckle and chew on his cock for all i’m worth. He begins moaning and grunting, filling my mouth with sweet precum. It isn’t long until he has a screaming orgasm buried deep down in my throat while I massage him with my throat muscles!

i love worshipping his cock! You’ll love this 12 minute clip of concentrated, extreme drooly deep throat and noisy cock worship. 

turn up the volume!

    Purrfect Pleasures A Fan - I get inked meat! We placed an ad for a stranger for me to suck, and master had this all set up before I even saw his face! I call him tatdude – he’s a hot hispanic semi-pro linebacker and was absolutely yummy!

he knows what he wants but is very respectful as he asks if he can touch me. I know what men like and strip for him before giving him a naked lap dance!

then I go back to sticking his hard young meat down my throat until I sense he wants a change. “It’s your blowjob, what would you like? Do you want to stand? Do you want to fuck my face?” I ask. He asks to 69, which master allows.

he sucks my giant clit pretty well, and I end up squirting on him as I stand above him while he fingers me from below. I think he just liked seeing my ass shake when that happened, lol.

i got a little aggressive and wasn’t afraid to put his mouth right where I wanted it. Yum!

the action gets hot and heavy as we move into the bedroom. Tatdude lays down and I fuck him hard with my face. His cum catches me off guard and I spray it out as he blows it in my throat. Oh, no, wasted cum! I have to clean it all up. Good thing I have a mouth like a hoover!

all this noisy blowjob action makes master super horny, so he moves to fuck me from behind while I pull my second train of the weekend! I bury my face noisily in tatdude’s crotch and while master hammers away. It was awesome getting deep fucked while using our guest as a chewtoy! Master fucks me hard and deep, making me cum loudly over and over. I moan so hard on tatdude’s cock that he wants to cum back and see us often! I love making fans this way!

this clip is a shorter preview version of "tatdude meets purrfect's wondermouth" also available here.