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    Dark Visitor Preview

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Dark Visitor Preview

    Clip Description

    Hi, my name is purrfect, and i’m getting ready to suck a big, black cock that my master has sent me today.

    and it’s beautiful! Master advertised on craigslist for a random bbc for me to suck on video so he can watch. I’m such a slut - master arranged it all for me, and I never saw this man or even heard his name before he knocked on my door. I melted when I saw him - the man master picked was absolutely gorgeous, with smooth, dark skin, a deep, sexy voice, and a 9 inch cock!

    i really want to impress master with my training, so I get him hard in my throat, then give him noisy, sloppy head! His cock is big enough to reach right into my throat and bring up the thick spit, which I cough and gag all over his crotch. His cock is totally covered in spit, and his balls are even drenched, so I give them a good licking and sucking, too.

    i want to impress master, so I use all my tricks. I even say “big, black cock” while it’s in my throat.

    “damn!” Responds my anonymous black visitor. He begins to understand my cock sucking skill and puts his hand behind my head to push me further down on his cock.

    “yeah, take my cum” says my man-meat, and I do – right down my throat! He shoots so much that I gag and cough on it, but I manage to swallow most of it before I clean his crotch up from the sloppy mess I made. Then I get to play with his huge balls some more.

    thank you, master, for sending me this black cock, I loved it!

    this 9 minute interracial sloppy deep throat blow job is a shorter version of "dark visitor", also available here.

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
    Format Size
    wmv155.27 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Dark Visitor Preview

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Dark Visitor Preview

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Dark Visitor Preview

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Dark Visitor Preview

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Dark Visitor Preview

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Dark Visitor Preview

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