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    Amazingoral And Swallows

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Amazingoral  And Swallows

    Clip Description

    Amazingoral is proud to be a slut, it’s given her lots of opportunity to hone her cock worshipping skills and earn her nickname. Master wants to make sure she knows deep throat, so he gives her mouth a good workout while I stay busy nomming and fingering her goodies.

    he stands over her while she lays submissively spread eagled so he can drill her mouth with his big, thick cock. It curves down so he can really probe her throat. He’s a sadistic bastard who wants to feel her throat around his cock so he ****** her with it until she gags and coughs, gasping for air.

    he makes sure to fuck her face from several different angles, and even straddles her head so he can brutally shove his cock into her throat, pumping it in and out of her pussy-mouth.

    i take a break and amazingoral gets on her hands and knees so she can worship his cock properly. You can really see how deep she goes! When I come back master lays on the bed. I rub his body while amazingoral sucks the cum right out of him. He’s trained her to take it deep in her throat, just the way a good blow job should finish!

    download this 26 minute high def throat fest.

    Clip Duration:      26 minutes
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    wmv470.69 MB

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    Additional Thumbnails

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Amazingoral  And Swallows

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Amazingoral  And Swallows

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Amazingoral  And Swallows

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Amazingoral  And Swallows

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Amazingoral  And Swallows

    Purrfect Deepthroat - Amazingoral  And Swallows

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    Hot Chocolate Part I  Line Up For Deep Throat - Wow, this black man is so yummy I just had to call him hot chocolate! We met him through a swingers website, and he was so nice, respectful, handsome, and big & hard!

more importantly, he was long and straight enough to reach my deep-deep throat! It’s like another opening he penetrates - I can feel his cockhead go deeper past an opening of some sort, into a deeper part of my throat that very few can reach. This makes me drool so much I left a puddle on the floor. It’s the messiest blowjob i’ve given to date, but I don’t slow down one bit and just kept plowing through the spit and mucous he kept dredging up from the depths of my esophagus. 

in part I master has me don my kneepads and kneel before the men who line up for me. I take turns sucking them both and hot chocolate watches how rough master is with me. He likes that I can take it and becomes more aggressive, putting his hands behind my head and skull fucking me the way I love.  It’s such a thrill when men stop being afraid and begin to use me the way my limits allow!

    Facefucking Purrfect  Noisy Deepthroat Slave - I am such a suck slave! This video proves once and for all why master would claim me as his cocksucking slave. I totally worship his big, meaty cock!

master likes it noisy, sloppy and deep. He grabs me by the back of my head and pushes me down on his cock to test his training. I am determined to do my best to show him what a good slave I can be. I give him noisy, slurpy deepthroat until i’m drooling, then I keep going. He grabs my head and face fucks me, holding me down so I can’t breath! That brings up thick, ropy spit which I drool all over his cock, lubricating it so it slides down my throat when he ****** my head down.

it drips down my chin and soaks his balls, then drips slowly onto my tits. The drool sways back and forth as he fucks my face hard. Master keeps holding my head all the down on his long prong until I am out of breath and panting like a dog! I love it all and when he stops face fucking me, I eagerly impale my own mouth on him, forcing my face into his pubes.

master sits down to receive more cock worship while I kneel before him. He tells me how good I look sucking his dick and what a good job I am doing. That makes me a happy cock-slave! Then it’s back to swallowing man-sausage, on my knees where I belong as I suckle and chew on his cock for all i’m worth. He begins moaning and grunting, filling my mouth with sweet precum. It isn’t long until he has a screaming orgasm buried deep down in my throat while I massage him with my throat muscles!

i love worshipping his cock! You’ll love this 12 minute clip of concentrated, extreme drooly deep throat and noisy cock worship. 

turn up the volume!

    Soldier Gets Deepthroated By A Porn Star - Support our troops! Today’s lucky visitor received a gi benefit he never expected – oral service in exchange for service to his country! This cute boy of 22 answered our ad wearing an army uniform. I called him soldier. He was very excited to be “sucked by a porn star”

i greet him wearing a pretty purple corset, frilly purple thong, purple fishnets and lots of purple eye shadow for that extra-slutty look master loves. I just had my nails done in black and silver and wore master’s favorite black lipstick to match. Watch it rub off on soldier’s big black dick!

i waste no time in laying him down on my bed and getting busy. He said he’s never felt anything like being sucked while soft, but I swear this is a hard cock in my mouth. He knew he was hard when I started gagging – he loved it and called it “coughing”!

his black cock was straight as a pole and slid straight down my throat, which I used to pleasure every inch of his delicious meat. I used many of my techniques, including popping, throat massage, and of course the caterpillar.

master gets lots of close up action and you can really see what I do to this guy’s big black cock!

master gets a good shot of the drool on soldier’s dick when our guest cums without warning. He gave me a big, tasty mouthful and I smile at master and give him a thumbs up to let him know.

“that was tasty” I say, so much so that I go back down and continue sucking and caterpillaring his cock for 2 minutes until he is totally clean and finished with no more cum left to give!

    Against The Wall Dominant Deepthroat - This is an early video of master humblestud training me in deepthroat and the ways of submission. I was shy and wore a mask, and since I depend on my eyes so much, I felt totally helpless.

this is a great vid of master's very effective deepthroat training techniques. Try them on your sub!

master sits me on the floor against the wall with my legs out so I can't move. He stands in front of me with his meaty, 9" cock dangling and works it down my throat while holding my head. He asks me questions about breathing and even makes me talk with it in my throat!

listen to me gag as I try to take it all. It's hard; he even warns me about my teeth! It's amazing how far i've come since then but it's the hard work you see in this video that made me the cocksucker I am today!

as a reward, master sits on the couch and lets me go at it on my own. I make nasty slurping and sucking noises, but the lesson isn't over though - master makes me rim him!