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    Myzeray The Dog

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray The Dog

    Clip Description

    Myzeray's degradation training continues with a light hearted petplay scene... Her hands are taped up to form little "paws" and she is first made to serve as my breakfast table and then to eat her own breakfast from the floor, using only her mouth, like the "bitch" she is. Then it's off to the living room for some spanking, flogging, cock sucking and doggystyle fucking, as a reward for being a good doggy.

    Clip Duration:      48 minutes
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    wmv844.38 MB

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    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray The Dog

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray The Dog

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray The Dog

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray The Dog

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray The Dog

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray The Dog

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    Myzeray The Object Of My Affection - Myzeray is turned into an end table and ottoman while I have a cigarette out on the patio of our hotel room. I make her balance my ashtray on her ass and put my feet up on her shoulders while she waits on all fours for me to smoke, dressed only in her shackles, collar, ballet splints and a pair of opera gloves! As a reward for her obedience I reach around from behind and finger her pussy before sending her back inside to get me a beer. She brings it to me in her mouth... And then comes dinner time, and she's been turned into a candelabra! She's bound with her knees bent and apart, lying on her back, with one candle in each hand, one in her mouth and one tied into her pussy! She holds this position while I eat my meal, then I eat her pussy and fuck her right there on the table. I spin her on the table and fuck her mouth as she gags on my load.

    Myzeray Takes The Reins - Normally a submissive in fireplay, myzeray steps into the role of dom in this clip. She has a man lay down before her to be set on fire again and again, loving every second of it!

    Myzeray  Fireplay Fuck Part 2 Talons - I have to give myzeray's skin time to cool down before we get on to the good stuff, but that doesn't mean I let her rest... I take out some of my favorite toys: 3 full-hand sets of sharp stainless steel talons. I start with the gentlest variety and ramp it up from there. I was going to cut this out of the session, but she squirms and moans in such delight that I just had to leave it in!

    Myzeray  Obedient Slave Bitch Full Version - All 4 parts of myzeray's "obedient slave bitch" series in one clip at a $41.00 reduced price!!! 

part 1: 

i have dictated that myzeray is to be a good little slave bitch this day. Her good behavior will determine how cruel my touch shall be. I have her dressed in a black bra, black opera gloves and a black micro-miniskirt... She rests her head on my crotch, and is instructed to take my cock out of my jeans and permitted to rest her cheek on it... I then instruct her to lick it. I order her to beg to suck my cock, which she does like the obedient slave bitch she is. I permit her, and then instruct her to use my hard cock to stroke her clit and get herself off as a reward. After she cums, I ash myzeray what she is to me. She misses a few answers, and gets her tits squeezed and slapped hard for making me remind her.

part 2:

i order myzeray into a chair, tie her tits good and tight and cuff her hands behind her back... And the tit beatings begin! Flogging on her purple, tied titties and inner thighs, followed by a new toy- a horsehair flogger... Those things sting. They feel like little razors each time they hit. Then I break out another new toy: a very sharp-pointed sword, which I use to drag across myzeray's tormented tits and to spank her inner thighs. Then comes the final treatment... Rubbing alcohol on her already sore and stingy tits and thighs. The burning sensation makes her cum.

part 3:

myzeray is ordered to keep her head on the couch while I whip her with a horsehair flogger and spank her ass with a specially made sword. I play on her skin with its sharp point, and then make her straddle the blade... While I use it to stroke her clit till she cums.

part 4:

now we get to the good stuff... I get truly evil in this clip- I break out yet another new toy: a black steel anal hook. I shove it up myzeray's ass and tie it in place with a body harness, using the excess to bind her tits. I finger her clit and then have her go get her vibrators from her bedroom and fuck her throat deep while she fucks herself on the couch. I then fuck her mouth hard, holding it in deep so she can't breathe, making her ch*ke as she kneels before me and finally I fuck her doggystyle with the hook still buried in her ass, shooting my cum over her ass at the end!