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    Myzeray Punishing My Bratty Slaves Pussy

    Please Note: All content on this site is Role Playing Fantasy only. All content is consensual.

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray Punishing My Bratty Slaves Pussy

    Clip Description

    Myzeray, freshly fucked and having been told she's been a good ****, just can't leave well enough alone... As I get up from the couch, she slaps me on the ass, that fucking brat! So I respond to this insolence by cuffing her hands behind her back and strapping the hitachi wand between her legs, and let it run. I let it rattle the hell out of her poor, sore, painfully overloaded pussy until she apologizes to me and promises to behave... Afterward I unbind her and have her wash her master's cock and let her rest her head on my lap. That's my good ****...

    Clip Duration:      9 minutes
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    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray Punishing My Bratty Slaves Pussy

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray Punishing My Bratty Slaves Pussy

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray Punishing My Bratty Slaves Pussy

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray Punishing My Bratty Slaves Pussy

    Master Fredericks Den - Myzeray Punishing My Bratty Slaves Pussy

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    Myzeray Pussy Beaten And Thoroughly Eaten - It's been awhile since I did a straight up bdsm clip, and I figured myzeray was due for some extended pain... So I figured pussy whipping was something it was time she really became familiar with. I tie her arms spread, legs in the air for maximum exposure and go to town on her pretty pussy with a flogger, riding crop and my hand, using nice hard slaps. In close-up you can see how her pussy quivers with each strike once it's good and tender. I wire a vibrating egg up and rest it on her clit, and to give her the full effect I smack it into her tender bits with a riding crop. She also gets fucked with the handle, fingered, and as a reward for enduring the pain I go down and eat her tender, achy pussy.

    Myzeray Obedient Slave Bitch Part 2 - I order myzeray into a chair, tie her tits good and tight and cuff her hands behind her back... And the tit beatings begin! Flogging on her purple, tied titties and inner thighs, followed by a new toy- a horsehair flogger... Those things sting. They feel like little razors each time they hit. Then I break out another new toy: a very sharp-pointed sword, which I use to drag across myzeray's tormented tits and to spank her inner thighs. Then comes the final treatment... Rubbing alcohol on her already sore and stingy tits and thighs. The burning sensation makes her cum.

    Myzeray Orgasm Denial And Overload - Myzeray follows her orders well in this video... She got a hitachi wand recently for being a good little whore. Here I command her to use it. Masturbating on cue, starting and stopping on command, refused permission to cum. I make it even harder for her to hold back by fucking her with a dildo mounted on a drill... When I finally do let her cum, I don't let her stop. I order her to keep cumming until it hurts. Her poor pussy!!! She eventually begs me to let her stop cumming, and I finally give her permission. What a good ****...